Current Members


Dr. Nick Bos
  • Dr. Nick Bos

  • Defences against microbial pathogens in fungus-farming termites

Dr. Benjamin H. Conlon
Dr. Sara Kildgaard
  • Dr. Sara Kildgaard

  • Comparative metabolomics of termite fungus cultivars and microbial communities

Dr. Rafael R. da Costa
  • Dr. Rafael R. da Costa

  • Adaptations to plant decomposition in fungi and gut bacteria associated with fungus-growing termites.

Research Consultants

Dr. Morten Schiøtt

PhD Students

Haofu Hu
  • Haofu Hu

  • Antimicrobial biosynthesis gene clusters in fungus-growing termite gut microbiomes and comparative analyses of mycolytic enzymes in higher termite guts.

MSc Students

Blanca Ivanez Ballesteros
  • Blanca Ivanez Ballesteros

  • Ants as ecosystem engineers: changes in soil conditions and greenhouse gas emission. Main supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Flemming Ekelund, Section for Terrestrial Ecology, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen.

Maria Cathrine Eriksson
  • Maria Cathrine Eriksson

  • Examining the evolutionary implications of in vitro fertilisation using Danish public health data.
Pi Emilie Luxhøj Nilausen
  • Pi Emilie Luxhøj Nilausen

  • Comparative analysis of termite antimicrobial peptides

Anna Fomsgaard
  • Anna Fomsgaard

  • Prevalence and molecular identification of Giardia spp. in zoo-residential ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta).
Kristjan Germer
  • Kristjan Germer

  • Effects of diet and host on bacterial gut community assemblies in omnivores cockroaches.
Leandro Guimaraes
  • Leandro Guimaraes

  • Screening mechanism in Macrotermes guts preventing antagonistic fungi from infecting fungus combs

Justinn Hamilton
  • Justinn Hamilton

  • Fungus-growing termite microbiomes: intergenerational transmission and potential conflict between king and queen microbes over transmission

Romen Palenzuela Rodríguez
  • Romen Palenzuela Rodríguez

  • Breaking the defensive barrier: fungus-farming termite threat from disease

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