Current Members


Nanna Hjort Vidkjær
  • Nanna Hjort Vidkjær

  • Chemical analyses and comparative metabolomics focusing on potentially antimicrobial compounds produced within the fungus-farming termite symbiosis.

Erin Louise Cole
  • Erin Louise Cole

  • Social immune strategies, social immunization and the care-kill disease response in fungus-farming termites

 Suzanne Schmidt
  • Suzanne Schmidt

  • Exploring the potential for the healthy protein-rich termite fungal crops to be used for human consumption

Research Consultants

Luka Alexander Civa
  • Luka Alexander Civa

  • Luka's work in this group will be as an extra hand where needed, including tasks such as arranging group meetings and assisting in the lab

PhD Students

Guangshuo Li
  • Guangshuo Li

  • Describe novel fungal species associated with termites and explore the origin, evolution and function of yeasts in termite gut

Robert Murphy
  • Robert Murphy

  • Resistance evolution and persistence of antifungal susceptibility in fungus-farming termites

Guiying Yang
  • Guiying Yang

  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) communications between Termitomyces and Pseudoxylaria

MSc Students

Benjamin  Jorgenson Fulbright
Mikkel  Krarup-Hansen
  • Mikkel Krarup-Hansen

  • Searching for antimicrobial properties and prospects for novel compounds in termite fungus gardens

Jacques  Liam Salin
  • Jacques Liam Salin

  • The role of Macrotermes bellicosus soldiers in a colony's social immunity defense

Sebastian Munch Kofoed
  • Sebastian Munch Kofoed

  • The adaptions in Podaxis to different antifungal and defensive chemicals produced by termites

Tobias Wettendorff Pedersen
  • Tobias Wettendorff Pedersen

  • The role of Macrotermes bellicosus soldiers in a colony's social immunity defense

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